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The Frieda Griffiths Education Program - Masters of Imagination and Entrepreneurship (M.I.E.)

Is the preview of life's coming attractions!

This is perfect for everyone, no matter what age. Every workshop is adapted for the young at heart. In the final analysis never underestimate the student who stares out the window of the classroom. Drifting away in their mind and not concentrating on the black board - you might think they are lazy. They are the future entrepreneurs of the world.

Watch… shhhhh… They are dreaming about something BIG!

Board the FPP imaginary plane on a flight to imagination. Your seat of creativity awaits you. Destination - your dream for the future. Flight takes off at 9 a.m. –lands at 3: p.m

  • A quick breakfast -gets the engines started.
  • History of FPP
  • FPP performance
  • Workshop begins with Masters guiding you all the way ( Like Master Chef Canada)
  • lunch served
  • back to the workshops with fun and laughter

The final analysis: You get to come up on stage & present your amazing ideas.

Famous PEOPLE Players performs a congratulation number for a job well done. A personalized certificate is presented to each participant.

Wheelchair accessible and free parking

Workshop 1 - Reach for the MOON!

Go wild take charge of your life! Open up your own business. Whatever you want to be, we will help you to achieve your dream. This is going to be fun, exciting and we will get your creative imagination and juices going. So what do you want to create? Let’s design it on paper. How are you going to get there? That is our job to help you along with a Master Entrepreneur who will help plan the route to your future.

Workshop 2 - Running towards SUCCESS!

Get everyone designing their own running shoes that will stop everyone in their tracks? Expert Masters in the shoe business will guide you, or will you guide them, with new ideas? Our money is on you, as we believe you are the real expert.

This is crazy fun! You never know where this will lead you. You might premier your shoes on the Shopping Channel.

Workshop 3 – Dream of owning your own car? Let the world see it!

Design your own car and drive it towards success. How would you do it? Masters from the car Industry, financial planning and budgeting will have you re-thinking your future. Will this help make our world a better place?

Workshop 4 - The Grammies goes to …

To create your own music video, including Choreography, backup singers & staging. Write and Sing a song to ‘Inspire the World’. Yes-What does all this cost and how do you raise the money to do it? Ask the Masters. They are there to help.

If you believe, then it’s just a matter of time and you will be on your way to the Grammies.

Workshop 5 –Is it Drama or Comedy!

Become the star of your own Television show. Write the first episode. Is it comedy or drams? Audition the actors who will bring your story to life. Always leave the audience with a cliff hanger. Masters in script writing are available to help.

Workshop 6 – What comes first, the Music or the Lyrics?

You write the song and the Master composer will show you what happens when you put your words to music or the music to the words. A master from the industry will share their secrets on the creative journey to writing a rock & roll hit.

The Box Office will soar when they hear it. Is this the next ‘Grease’?

Workshop 7 – It’s a Never Ending Story!

Write your own children’s book. Make it jump right off the page and dance around the room. Picture it in your mind. If it is not right, you chase after it, put it back on the page and start again. Those that love to draw can partner with the author and illustrate the story. Master of writing children’s books will guide you. You will bond the pages together, put on a cover and start selling. Now that is a real entrepreneur!

What’s that I see? You are on the New York Times best seller list. This is a never ending story!

Workshop 8 - It Begins with the Lemonade Stand

You will design the most outrageous lemonade stand and grab everyone’s attention. The principals are the same for any business in the future - You will learn that lemons are not sour. They are the sweet taste of success – if only you take a bite.

Workshop 9 - Award for Best Producer goes to…

Come up with an idea for a commercial, TV series or a special FUNdraising event. Producers do just that. They can produce anything. Same techniques apply:
Imagination, organizational & communication skills. All of these skills are all interwoven and apply to any job or business you will own in the future… the masters will show you.

Curtain rises

The Tree Whisper – for people who want to save the environment


Making the Green Belt greener. Trees speak to us. Design creative environmental tree houses for future development. Picture a landscape of beauty, planting trees, growing vegetables and showing the world Canadians are stepping up to the plate. We will help make the world a better place and look after the inner environment of the people who need their eyes open through this endeavor. Masters: Guelph Arboretum / Ontario College of Art and Design and Environmentalist join in to share the dream. (This is from Diane Dupuy, CM - key note address with former USA Vice President Al Gore, and Deepak Chopra at the Alliance of a New Humanity, held in Puerto Rico)

Call or Email to discuss designing our own workshops for age appropriateiate. or
Phone 416 532-1137 - Cell 416 898-4222

FPP wish to thank our sponsors who recognize the gifts of our young people to reach for their Dreams and let them take flight.

Famous PEOPLE Players have the Power to Amaze and the Power to Inspire

FPP brought integration to the forefront of the world for people with disabilities. This amazing black light theatre company, the players are dressed from head to toe in black jumpsuits making them in invisible on stage. They manipulate life size puppets of famous people in bright fluorescent colours,under ultraviolet lights which makes the props and puppets glow in the dark. When audiences found out who they were they said “I didn’t know they were capable of such wonderful things.”

Like a ripple effect many countries around the world watched with great interest and followed in the footsteps of a company that Dares to Dream.  Thus Integration into society normalized the people who were once hidden from society.

It was Famous PEOPLE Players who broke down the barriers.

One person can make a difference but it is a team that makes the miracle.


Diane Dupuy was that one person who made the difference and through her dedication and passion she continues to lead FPP to international success. It was the players who were hidden rom society that made the miracle happen. Through music and their colors in the dark they continue to light up the stage and inspire people to achieve more.

What you see is sensational what you don’t see is inspirational. New York Times.

Today they operate a Dine & Dream theatre

About the Founder

There are many students who like Diane Dupuy who could not pay attention in class. She just felt she was not able to succeed. Labeled a slow learner and failing in school. . she gave up on even trying. In her early twenties she volunteered at the Orillia Institution (Ontario Canada) where people with mental diabilities were hidden. She was horrified. This was when the lightning struck and Diane working with puppets at the time, created FPP. Her Players learned more in the wings of the stage when they discovered their imagination. They grew into confident, independent members of society.

Diane received the Order of Canada, EY Social Entrepreneur award and five honorary degrees. This is why the M.I.E is important for everyone no matter what age to join in the fun. Your students, like Diane, will help make this world a better place.(picture) They just have to reach inside, unlock their creative core and let their dream take flight.



Jingle Around the Clock

Jingle Around the Clock
November 2020 - January 2021

New Musical!

Its JOY to the world as we Jingle around the Clock
The gift is our vaccine, as we inject you with our love and charm.
Bring the whole family and celebrate the new beginning of a new world.

Call (416) 532-1137 for more information.

Our Sponsors

Famous PEOPLE Players wish to thank our sponsors who recognize the gifts
of our young people to reach for their dreams and let them take flight.


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